Our History

Founded in 1967 by Dr. George F. Hilton, East Bay Retina Consultants, Inc. has been serving the San Francisco East Bay community for over 50 years. Dr. Hilton best embodied our principles including compassionate service and advancing the boundaries of medicine. In 1984, he invented an in-office surgical procedure called Pneumatic Retinopexy and is now used throughout the world to treat retinal detachment, a blinding disease. A deeply religious and devoted man, Dr. Hilton was also a bishop of his congregation and dedicated his life to community service and teaching.

Dr. Hilton soon brought on Drs. Daniel A. Brinton and Scott S. Lee to continue serving the San Francisco East Bay community, and East Bay Retina Consultants was officially incorporated in 1995. As the needs of the East Bay community continued to grow, Dr. Eugene S. Lit joined the practice after Dr. Hilton’s retirement in 2002. Unfortunately, our practice lost Dr. Hilton when he passed in 2003 after his battle with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. More recently, the practice welcomed Drs. Soraya Rofagha and Jesse J. Jung helping expand our availability to patients and referring physicians. We continue to dedicate ourselves toward providing the most personal and best care, through continued development of state-of-the art treatments for medical and surgical retinal disease.

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